Sunday, February 26, 2012

Texas Weiners

Texas Weiners
1426 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19145

I ate three wieners...2 Works w/ Cheese (hot dog, special sauce, chopped onion and whiz) and one Works w/o the cheese.  I only ordered the one w/o the cheese as my first go b/c I was lacking the courage, but then I stepped it up a little.  I was eyeing my dad's Texas Tommy (dog w/ bacon and cheese) but decided not to completely clog my arteries.  Of course I still tasted the dogs for the remainder of the afternoon!  Not surprised.

The dogs are sliced lengthwise and grilled, then placed in a soft, wide bun.  The grill in out in the open which I like b/c I want to see the action.

Fountain and bottled soda.  Fountain soda comes in a paper cup (I hate styrofoam) with shaved ice.  You never see that anymore!

Ample seating and classic diner waitress service, despite the small space.  This is a real South Philly joint you must check out.