Wednesday, February 15, 2012

City Pizza

City Pizza
100 Snyder Ave,  
Philadelphia 19148

I had heard tell from a few of the locals in the South Philly neighborhood I teach in that City Pizza was the best slice you can find in the city. I kind of shrugged it off as local opinion.Then I heard that a friend who lives way up in Fishtown will journey down to get a pie when he is able.  I knew I had to try it.

I had promised my class that we would have a pizza party if they achieved a certain number of books read for the month of April. When I asked them where I should get the pizza from , they answered in a resounding "City!, Nobody gets pizza from nowhere else around here!" (they do talk like that some days) .

So I placed our order the day before, then had to add one more pie later that evening. The pizzas arrived exactly on time the next day, were piping hot, and they even cut me a break in the price.

We all dug in and it smelled and looked super delicious. The first bite was amazing, the sauce, cheese , and crust were all amazing. Just big enough to be folded (the correct way pizza is made) , not too greasy (Lorenzo's is a little drippy in my opinion some days) , and just a great slice all around. Ever since I've been mentioning it to my friends if they happen to be down in Mummer's territory.