Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Primo's Hoagies

Primo's Hoagies
1528 Ritner Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

We got antsy sitting home during the snow/rain storm so we decided to brave the conditions and run some errands around Center City.  We stopped by the post-office and made a decision to pick up lunch at Primo Hoagies...

The bread is delicious (soft but still substantial).  The meat quantity is generous.  I got the AUDIABLO (turkey and roast beef combo with the spicy spread) which was a great sandwich.  My fiance got the CLASSIC ITALIAN which she enjoyed as well.  If you like spicy sandwiches, definitely give the Diablo Board a try.

Sandwiches are made promptly and with care.  Definitely a family driven business.

A very simple sandwich shop that unfortunately doesn't have a place to sit and eat.  You have no choice but to get the sandwiches to go.

Sandwiches for two people run $7-10 per person.

I wish that Primo's offered some seating.  In a snow-storm, we had to hold on to the sandwiches as we finished our errands before we got home to finally eat.  The sandwiches are delicious but don't really offer anything unique that you cant find at another sandwich shop (for an example of a more unique take on a sandwich-- See Jake's Sandwich Board).  I enjoy Primo Hoagies but don't feel the need to actively seek out a sandwich on a regular basis.

Bonus: They deliver and cater... A nice extra touch