Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South Street Diner

South Street Diner
140 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Here's the deal. South Street Diner is a diner. On South Street. If you're going there expecting Tavern on the Green, you're just stupid.

It really is the only place of it's kind in Philly proper. Sure, there are other late night diners around town, but this is the only one that is relatively central to those of us living in Queen Village/Center City/South Philly etc...

It's 24 hours, with a reasonably expansive menu. It's priced moderately. They have RELIABLE free internet access (I'm writing you from their connection now while streaming on Netflix.) The staff isn't a bunch of shiny happy clowns, but they are never outright rude either. Again, this is all kind of standard diner stuff.

The place is clean, it's fairly inviting decor wise, and to their credit they recently renovated the bathrooms in a big way. They're actually NICE. And there are a ton of eateries in Philly that are super fancy but have filthy, dilapidated restrooms.

The bottom line is that South Street Diner is a DINER. Diner food, diner people, diner atmosphere....but on the higher end in terms of food, price, experience et. al.

Recent meal:
1 coffee
1 unsweeted iced tea
"Hungry Man" breakfast: 3 chocolate chip pancakes, home fries, toast, bacon and scrambled eggs

total cost (WITH TIP): $20.00 - my only gripe here is that I added a pancake to the meal (normally comes with two) and the added pancake cost $3.00 - that's kind of insane.