Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tony Luke's

Tony Luke's
39 E Oregon Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Once is enough in your lifetime.

and even that maybe too much.

Am I eating the same cheesesteak that everyone else is?

Plain & simple - this isn't philly good.  It's "philly bad".

It was god awful.  The best cheesesteaks are the ones that are chopped up, but the more touristy spots, such as this one, tend to just cook the steakmeat as is.  Fine whatever.

The meat was so bland that the cheesesteak was lifeless (and this is coming from someone who prefers salt-less food). The meat was tough and chewy - this is top sirloin meat? I don't think so. 

The fries came in a cute paperbox container - which is fun but the fries were disgusting.  Most of the fries were brown than a crispy yellow.  It has a tough coat and just wasn't yummy.  It was like eating little sticks of brown grease.  The oil either needed to be changed out or they overfried - probably both.

You are better off going to just about anywhere else to get a better cheesesteak. Seriously, anywhere else.

Don't believe the hype just because it was on Food Network.

There is a station to get your napkins & condiments: ketchup, mustard, pickles. Also, a few bench tables for you to sit and eat there or wait for your order.

Parking - street.