Monday, January 30, 2012

Tommy DiNic's

Tommy DiNic's
Reading Terminal Market
1136 Arch St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Philly should not only be known for cheese steaks...screw that....the city of brotherly love should also be known for Pulled Pork with broccoli rabe (dipped in marinating pork juices) sandwiches.

Yea, the fat guy that looks like an older Fred Savage from Man vs Food did showcase this big up to him....this place is redic.

The "to go orders" line was like 25 people deep...and mind you its a packed market already so if you want to taste the food and you have other plans that day, sit at the counter.

It was like $8.25 for the sandwich + $0.50 for the broccoli rabe; it was like $9.00 for the roast beef (deeelish) and +$0.50 for the provolone

I actually saw the dude Adam Richman (Fat Fred Savage) was chillin with in the episode.  His eyes look as crazy in person as it did on tv.

Whatevs...I'd hit this spot again.