Monday, January 30, 2012

Penrose Diner

Penrose Diner
2016 Penrose Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19145

This is like a Denny's, in that they offer a huge variety of foods, but in no other way - it is one hundred times better than a Denny's. When you walk in you see a wall of cheesecake and you pretty much know it is going to be a fun experience. We were fortunately seated near the HDTV at the back of the restaurant as we watched the Jets fail their faces off against the Steelers - that part sucked, but even that sucking moment was still fun since we were hanging out at the diner. We were in a big group and we also were sitting right next to another big group, the Duke University fencing team. This place draws big groups in because it has a legit reputation among everyone, locals and those from far away who had a great meal here once a long long time ago.

The waiter right off the bat was friendly, gracious, and funny - top notch staff here for sure. The water was not exactly refilled at a regular pace but I guess it was pretty busy. It was really hard to choose a dinner since everything sounded so good. I finally settled on the open faced Monte Cristo, longing for 'ye olden days when that deliciousness of the Monte Cristo used to be available at Bennigan's before their shenanigans shuttered their doors across the country. Penrose does not make 'yo daddy's Monte Cristo and that is not an entirely bad thing.

This is french toast as the base, two pieces and very moist and eggy. Not fried like Bennigan's. Just french toast that is AWESOME. Then meat piled on top of the french toast. Then some cheese on top of that. And a big helping of fries. The fries were solid, the good diner kind, not the shoe string or crinkle cut or that other junk places try to pass off.

I will be back - I am a fan of Penrose.